Now more than ever, workplaces are recognising the importance of taking care of their people. After all, a happy team is an effective team.

During this 8 week group coaching programme, you’ll be diving into a jam packed toolbox full of tried and tested ideas from positive psychology. You’ll finish this course resilient in the face of stress, with that much needed work life balance and a deep understanding of what makes YOU happy – let’s launch you into your happiest way of life.

What you’ll get out of this immersive experience:

  • 90 min group coaching each week over zoom
  • A full range of beautiful pdf downloads to enhance your experience
  • Access to a private Whatsapp group to share your experiences outside of the coaching sessions
  • A buffet of wellbeing tools taken from proven positive psychology
  • Improved relationships, reduced stress, stronger resilience – and so many other benefits!

The ripple effects from the programme:

  • The Workplace – a happier workforce is consistently correlated with business success due to reduced absenteeism and stress as well as increased motivation, productivity and more harmonious team relationships.
  • Health – a happy life encompasses the mind, body and emotions. Happier people are at reduced risk of stress related health conditions and tend to live happier lifestyles which improve longevity.
  • Relationships – whether you are a parent, partner, friend or colleague, bringing a happier version of yourself to your relationships is infectious. Previous participants have noted how they’ve been able to be more patient, attentive and even share the tools with others to spread a little joy.


Join the SLI mailing list to access a free 60 minute taster. The session will immerse you in the kinds of practical, positive activities that you can expect on the full programme:

  • Know the basic approaches for improving wellbeing
  • Learn to use a simple tool to take a happiness audit
  • Understand how to use motivational language to achieve your happiness goals
  • Ask your questions about the full programme


Join the next programme for 8 weeks of wellness activities.

Starting in October 2021. Please select the day and time that you wish to attend. You must remain in the same group throughout the programme and missed sessions will not be refunded.

Spaces are limited so book your spot now.

Learning together is a powerful way to bond a workforce and create a culture of wellbeing in your workplace. If you want to book a private programme for your team then please do get in touch.


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    “I definitely see a more positive me and I feel more confident in my abilities. I feel like my mental health has greatly improved as the course has gone on because I’ve been able to practice gratitude, think positively, and therefore achieve positive results in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. Thank you so much!”

    – Zahra Ryana Hussain


    All participants completed a pre- and post- programme survey made to help track their improvements. These psychometric questions measured thoughts and behaviours scientifically linked to happiness. After the 8 weeks, participants experienced:

    • A 17.9% increase in self esteem
    • A 19.0% increase in feeling more in control of their own lives
    • A 6.1% increase in their general happiness

    Based on 21 participants using the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, Levenson Multidimensional Locus of Control Scale and the Subjective Happiness Scale.


    “The programme showed me the importance of gratitude and the practice of taking time to reflect and make a note of good experiences and achievements.

    I think that I might be noticing and remembering positive things more than I did before, and I am holding on to an awareness of my own strengths and qualities for longer as opposed to immediately sliding back into self-deprecation.

    The one-on-one conversations also gave me things to take away, both in terms of encouragement from other participants and also the shared experience of reflecting on mindsets and how to approach life.”

    – Joseph Micallef


    The eight weeks are designed and ordered to allow you to gradually expand your knowledge, make connections between skills and create a solid foundation for a happier life.

    Pre-Programme: Psychometric Survey

    • Measure your self esteem, locus of control and current happiness
    • Get personalised results explaining how each of the aspects contributes to wellbeing and happiness
    • Take the survey again at the end of the programme to track your progress

    Week 1: The Benefits of Gratitude

    • Know the science of how gratitude increases happiness
    • Try out some gratitude activites in the group
    • Start a gratitude journal
    • Learn a tool for expressing gratitude to others

    Week 2: The Psychology of Optimism

    • Learn the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    • Understand how beliefs around day to day events impact your mood
    • Define optimism and pessimism using a psychology model
    • Use CBT tools to review and rephrase pessimistic thinking

    Week 3: Increasing Your Personal Control

    • Understand the benefits of an ‘internal’ locus of control
    • Use the circles of influence and control model to bring more items under personal control
    • Explore how language patterns can reinforce a lack of control
    • Practice rephrasing language to gain more ownership of day to day events

    Week 4: Boosting Self Esteem

    • Understand how self esteem and self worth are developed
    • Identify common components of high self esteem
    • Practice a tool to re-charge your self esteem
    • Learn how to start a self esteem log

    Week 5: Managing Stress

    • Understand the biological mechanisms and purpose of stress
    • Identify your own triggers, stressors and coping mechanisms
    • Explore a range of stress reduction tools
    • Develop a personal stress action plan

    Week 6: Meet Your Happy Chemicals

    • Learn the basic neurology of the brain
    • Learn the roles of oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins in mood regulation
    • Explore a range of activites to boost your neurotransmitters
    • Develop a personal neurotransmitter action plan

    Week 7: Happier Relationships

    • Learn the emotional bank account model for building trust
    • Identify strategies for strengthening relationships
    • Do a relationship audit and action plan
    • Explore personal trustworthiness for better quality relationships

    Week 8: Finding Meaning

    • Learn the Japanese concept of Ikigai – a reason for being
    • Understand the scientific benefits of Ikigai on happiness and health
    • Use tools to identify your own aspects of meaning
    • Create a personal action plan for leading a more fulfilling life



    • Ready to boldly take charge of your life, embrace all the goodness on offer and start living your happiest life? This programme is for you.
    • Know that your happiest life is entirely attainable and need a little support in making it happen? You’re in the right place.
    • Have the energy and belief in investing in your own development – and the ripple effect this will bring? Hi, you should book now!


    • Commit to all 8 weeks of the programme for high impact results
    • Be ready to join the group with your camera and audio on – treat it like an in-person space
    • Share your own experiences, challenges and victories with others to support the group coaching process
    • Ask questions, practice the tools and fully participate in the process
    • Set yourself manageable ‘homework’ goals each week to implement the programme in your life

    Please note that this is a practical education and development programme – not a therapeutic service. Individuals who need specific mental health support should seek out a specialist service.

    If you are looking for one off events or larger group education then please be in touch about a bespoke service.

    “The biggest take away from the programme is that I am in control of my reaction to things and my thoughts and actions. I now feel that I speak to myself more positively and remind myself what I am in control of and focus on that.

    The course has reminded me that happiness is something that can be achieved with practice and it is something well worth pursuing!

    The topics covered were great life-long lessons that I think about most days and I truly believe have improved my positivity and will continue to do so, with the help of the material provided. The topics were summarised well into a digestible portion and presented in a fun and interesting way.

    The open discussion about the topics created an environment where people felt safe to share and grow, which is an incredible thing.”

    – Rebecca Brown


    What kind of tech or set up do I need to have?

    The programme is delivered via zoom so you will need a device with the latest version of zoom. A laptop or desktop are ideal to be able to see the whole group and use the features – however you can still participate on a mobile device. Join the call from somewhere quiet with a good internet connection so that you are able to hear and speak clearly. Headphones might be helpful.


    What happens if I can’t make a group session live? Is there a recording?

    None of the sessions are recorded – this is to ensure the group feels conformable and can speak freely about their experiences. If you miss a live session then your programme facilitator will send you all of the resources from the session for you to read and catch up with at your own leisure.


    Is there a discount option for booking a group / team in for this programme?

    Yes. If you are looking to book a group or team then please email to discuss your needs – you may want your own private session or a tailored version of the programme.


    Who is likely to be in my group?

    Lovely people looking for a boost in their happiness too. The programme is aimed at professionals looking to get more from life than the trudge of work. You may find yourself with corporate managers, entrepreneurs, educators and even a few students looking to start their working life with wellbeing in mind.

    Rest assured everyone in the group will be making the same commitment to learn, grow and implement happy tools in their lives.


    Will there be homework?

    Yes. The whole programme is about positive habit building and that requires a little bit of work from you. Each week your facilitator will outline the follow up task – often you will set your own tasks to make things more manageable. Homework will likely take you 15-30 minutes each week and will focus on practicing or using the tools to help you to feel good during the week.

    … and don’t worry if life gets in the way. There’s no judgement if you can’t squeeze it in.


    I’ll be juggling childcare, is it appropriate for my kids to listen in?

    Sure thing. The programme content is family friendly so no need to worry if you have children in the background. They may even want to try out some of the activities with you. Please note that if you are joined by children you may wish to switch your zoom camera off for privacy.


    Is any prep work needed up front?

    Yes. When you register you will receive a pre programme psychometric survey to help you assess your current happiness and wellbeing factors. This usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete. There is also a short introduction to the group tasks which takes 5-10 minutes.


    Have a question that isn’t here?

    Get in touch and ask away.