The Self Leadership Initiative has been providing bespoke workshops and training to empower more people to become self leaders since September 2014. Founded by personal development facilitator, coach and former teacher, Gemma Perkins, The Self Leadership Initiative provides an unconventional approach to training.


  • Highlight the true potential of as many lovely humans on this planet as possible.
  • Enable more people to lead with their whole self and step out as the leader they see themselves as.
  • Inspire and empower people to be their best selves.
  • Put emotional intelligence and personal skills first.
  • Get more people to better adapt to each other’s different needs and ways of working with excitement and care; not just tolerance.
  • Support people in becoming more resilient to the challenges they face in life and better equipped to positively overcome them.
  • Demystify leadership itself. There are too many students and women who don’t see themselves as leaders because the concept of leadership is heavily associated with politics or business.
  • Reveal how everyone has the potential to be a leader, regardless of context – it’s about developing yourself to achieve that potential.
  • The Self Leadership Initiative is rooted in personal experience of the power of self leadership training

Self leadership training truly does inspire innovation and creativity in a way that few other training options do. In the words of Founder, Gemma Perkins:

“At 25 years old, with no experience of running a business, I excitedly took the plunge; knowing that I loved the vision so much that I would find a way to make it work. Even now, I joke that I am not really a ‘proper’ business owner. I am an educator, coach, trainer and my gifts are around helping people grow – having a business is just how I do it.

Since founding The Self Leadership initiative I’ve had the pleasure of working with young people in colleges and universities, head teachers, community groups, political activists, parents and families, corporate professionals, refugees and third sector organisations. My driving mission is to give as many people I can the sort of valuable lessons that helped me; to inspire and empower people to be the best versions of themselves. Because if more people brought their best self to the table, the world would be a brighter place.”

To be mentored and guided through the process of planning out life goals, understanding personality types, reflecting on how you communicate in teams, solving problems with others, exploring personal identity and learning some every day positive habits to improve wellbeing and effectiveness, is a life changing journey that everyone should get to embark on.

If as many people as possible are able to feel in control of their own emotions, environment and destiny then they can overcome their personal struggles – and may even be the next set of leaders making the world even better so that these challenges don’t exist to begin with.

It’s a big mission, are you up for joining us?