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You’ll find the latest blogs from The Self Leadership Initiative, including how to guides, book reviews, some opinion pieces and stories of speakers on the topic of self leadership, plus the occasional guest feature on the topic of self leadership, here.

Level up your leadership: learning the art of asking

Learn how five tips can help you to lead your teams with questions more effectively.

Changing the conversation to positive mental health

There are two different approaches to tackling mental health - and it's important that we shift the balance.

Is procrastination working for or against you?

Procrastination has two sides; a productive and creative process and a stress inducing panic. Which side do you fall on?

Why perk boxes and yoga are not the answer to employee wellbeing

It’s true that perk boxes and yoga sessions have their place, but these short-term fixes aren’t your first step.

The secret to getting your people to embrace change

A key task for all leaders in the workplace is helping team members to embrace and grow through change.

Could gratitude be the key to a happier 2021?

If you are looking for a more joyful and resilient life, then the science points to some simple and easy practices...

Words are worth 7%, really?

Have you ever heard the factoid that only 7% of your communication is the words you say? How can that be?

How to Feel Happier

If you've found yourself thinking "I want to be happier" then there's good news and bad news...

The Queen’s Gambit: Developing a Growth Mindset

Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit' is a gripping drama and a perfect example of the journey to growth mindset.

Flexible Optimism: the key to success as a self leader

Learned Optimism is a powerful book for self leaders in-the-making to understand the importance of flexible optimism.

From zero to hero: 6 years of transformation for The SLI

As The Self Leadership Initiative turns 6, it’s time for some self reflection and celebration.

How Lockdown is Awakening Self Leadership

During Lockdown, you may have accidentally got a taste of self leadership - and found that you rather like it!

Compassion And Action: The key to successfully navigating crisis

When you witness challenges and suffering you have two routes: empathy fatigue or utilising compassion.

Fulfilling your potential with four types of behavioural change

By recognising that not all behavioural change works in the same way, you can be more targeted in your strategies for change

Book Reviews: Who Moved My Cheese & I Moved Your Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson and I Moved Your Cheese by Deepak Malhotra are two powerful books for self leaders.

The Benefits of Juggling

There are so many reasons to include juggling at your next team development session; resilience, brain boost and more!

3 ways powerful self leaders navigate a crisis like lockdown

What’s helping self leaders to navigate the lockdown in a healthier way? What tips can I implement in a crisis?

The Power of Games

Games are a powerful learning tool in any scenario because they are fun multi-layered, challenging & inspire “ah ha” moments