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Carly Schnun, Vice President of Postgraduates

I really enjoyed how interactive the workshop was. I liked the element of initial ‘mystery’ in the activities and how it later tied into the theoretical content. Identifying the various (and often different) values within the team members made me realise even more so how important it is to communicate and understand each other. I will take away the importance of collaboration and the need to be aware of our initial instinct to be competitive.

Katherine Davies, Postgraduate Rep Elect

I liked the self reflection involved; learning about myself and how others perceive me. I will remember how other personalities like to work and how they are different to mine.

Georgia Moran, VP Sports & Societies

I now feel I have a better plan for going into difficult conversations or mediation and that I will be able to handle it better. Using and focussing on coaching tools was very useful.

George Wardle, VP Student Activities

Going forward I will be more open minded and look for more collaborative approaches and outcomes to issues. I feel I’m taking away the ability to handle challenging situations with confidence.

Uju Okoroafor, International Students’ Officer

I learned leadership skills and how to communicate better with my team. I learned more on collaboration (team working together is very important). It was also helpful in terms of conflict resolution in an organisation. It will make me seek more clarity from colleagues when needed. The workshop was interactive and quite insightful.

Zdeněk Nevím, Erasmus Student Network President

The most useful part of the programme was handling conflict. It is a really difficult topic and I think I know better how to handle those situations after going through this programme. It was really useful for my role in student organisation and I think I will also use it in my future job. Gemma is a really good trainer. Her sessions were well structured, easy to understand, there was a lot of space for questions and practising.

Sana Ali, Wellbeing Officer

I enjoyed thinking about how we can work better as a team in regards to what interpersonal strengths and weaknesses we each have. I can use the ideas on how to best mitigate situations where conflict may arise. This will change the way I work so that I am more mindful of people’s working and personality styles and that I ensure I address any problems I’m having in a diplomatic way. Gemma was really lovely and I appreciate how she asked what we would like to get out of the training and tailored it as such.

Ryan Beasley, General Manager, Newman Students’ Union

Gemma delivered a number of sessions for new and returning SU Officers. I listened into the sessions and not only did I find Gemma’s content superb, the delivery and style of approach was engaging and supportive. Working with Gemma in the build up to the sessions was a dream; we maintained constant communication throughout and I always felt at ease when things naturally change and adapt in these kind of projects.

Not only do I highly rate Gemma’s work but I also think she is extremely great value for money. Could not recommend Gemma highly enough, and genuinely feel I’ve made a friend from this project and collaboration.

Doug Muzawazi

Gemma’s approach to training delivery is refreshing and truly engages people and getting them to absorb the content.
Head of Student Opportunities, Sheffield Hallam

James Cribb

The Self Leadership Initiative shows individuals how they can achieve their potential by applying these techniques to every aspect of their lives.
Specialist Academic Mentor