Building a gratitude practice is a long game so if you want some extra support turning your practice into a full blown habit, then look no further.

So far you’ve got all the basics for setting up your routine and using the science to your advantage. So what comes next? The 21 day experience provides extra prompts and activities to help you dig deeper and get even more good vibes out of your day.

What you’ll get out of this Expansion Pack:

  • 21 more days of Gratitude prompts and tools straight to your inbox – for less than the cost of a cup of coffee
  • An abundance mindset
  • A boost to your self esteem
  • A whole body experience – we’re going to be bringing meditation and gratitude together
  • Tools for maintaining gratitude, even on challenging days
  • Ways of showing your appreciation to others
  • Tips on reframing your thinking
  • A template for writing a heartfelt thank you note
  • Guidance on bringing gratitude into your relationships – both at work and at home

from £21 ex VAT

    The exercise to explore the true impact of appreciation was so powerful. It help me to realise my relationship of the things and people around me and deepen my empathy and understanding of how important appreciation really is for my wellbeing

    – Steve Baker, Director at Good Company