In case you were wondering, a self leader is someone who truly knows themselves, lives authentically, and has the skills to take care of their whole being. Self leaders work harmoniously with others; they have the skills to effectively resolve conflict, listen to – and understand – people properly and they know how to divide teamwork fairly. Teams comprised of empowered self leaders can achieve world changing stuff.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

The Self Leadership Initiative provided a great programme where leadership is stripped down to its fundamental essentials and builds from the ground up…Techniques from reading and portraying the right body language, to the importance of tone and the roles people play in group dynamics have helped me become a far more effective communicator, leader and most importantly team member.

Clive Matthews, Researcher

Let’s get more people knowing how to adapt to each other’s different needs and ways of working with excitement and care; not just tolerance. If you’re on the hunt for a personal transformation facilitator to work in new ways with your team, you’re in the right place. The Self Leadership Initiative provides bespoke workshops and training programmes for groups and teams within charities, corporates and universities.

Everything created by the Self Leadership Initiative is designed to highlight the true potential of as many lovely humans on this planet as possible. This also enables decision makers like you, to lead with your whole self and step out as the leader you see yourself as.


Over the past 6 years, The Self Leadership Initiative has facilitated the transformation of around 1500 individuals, from groups of young people; to charities, corporates and universities. Individuals who participate in self leadership training become more self-aware, more assertive and more confident in achieving their goals. Teams become more cohesive and effective; rather than striving for “productivity” they pull together to achieve bigger things.

The Self Leadership Initiative shows individuals how they can achieve their potential by applying these techniques to every aspect of their lives.

James Cribb, Specialist Academic Mentor

Are you heavily invested in the development and wellbeing of your people and ready for an unconventional approach?

Of course you are! From Skills Co-ordinators at Student Unions with too many people and too many needs to facilitate all training in house; to HR Leads at Charities with days dominated by disputes; to the Heads of Learning and Development at Corporates who are straight up passionate about people power – The Self Leadership Initiative is here to lighten the load and bring some joy to the “business” of developing people.


Check out the Tools for Happier Living programme – bringing together positive psychology and self help research to create a beautifully crafted 8 week coaching programme. A happy team is an effective team!

It really makes you think and reflect on yourself. It makes you think about who you want to be, who you are and sets you up on your way to taking action and becoming a self-leader.

Arshad Mozumder, Student


If you’re curious to know how we can helpto unlock your full potential please contact our friendly team to find out more!